2020 Honda Accord Oil Type and Capacity

2020 Honda Accord Oil Type and Quantity

Every vehicle owner understands the importance of having clean oil in their engine. Clean oil means a functional engine which has a longer life time. Use of the correct oil type ensures optimal engine performance of your 2020 Honda Accord car and efficiency. In choosing the perfect type of oil for your car, consider its purity, engine type and viscosity. Correct oil type use should also be accompanied by maintaining the oil at the correct levels and changing the oil as regularly as it is recommended.

2020 Honda Accord owner’s Manual recommends premium grade Genuine Honda Motor Oil specifically 0W-20 synthetic oil which is API-certified synthetic oil. This oil type has the ideal viscosity which allows your 2020 Honda Accord perform in a variety of temperatures. It should perform optimally at extreme hot temperatures during heat waves as well as at very low temperatures in winter without freezing in the engine. Do not add anything else to your oil before use, it works perfect in this condition.

2020 Honda Accord has an engine oil capacity of 3.4 quarts equivalent to 1.5 liters for the turbo-charged 4- cylinder engine. However, the engine oil capacity will depend on the engine type. For instance, 1.5L 4cyl L15BE Turbo engine has a capacity of 3.7 quarts and an oil type of 0W-20. On the other hand, 2.0L 4cyl K20C4 Turbo Engine use 0W-20 oil type with a capacity of 5.1 quarts. 2.0L 4cyl LFB2 engine will require 0W-20 oil type with an engine capacity of 4 quarts.

The quality of oil for your 2020 Honda Accord will directly affect how your vehicle performs and the life span of the engine. High quality engine oil keeps your engine clean and purifies it from build-up contaminants. Changing you engine oil as it is recommended in the user manual for your car will increase your fuel efficiency by 2%.  This consequently reduces air pollution by lowering carbon (IV) Oxide emissions. This results to a cleaner environment reducing global warming.

Improve the lifespan of your engine by ensuring use of the correct oil type by considering the engine type, viscosity of the oil and its purity. In addition, choose a good garage that will advise you well on the choice of the oil. Kindly contact Raj Motors through our contact page for further enquiries.