2020 Honda Civic Air Filter Replacement Size

Any 2020 Honda Civic has two main air filters: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. An engine air filter is very useful in ensuring the air getting into the engine during air conditioning is clean. If the air filter is not replaced during the given natural intervals, a build-up will occur which will affect the functioning of the engine. This may lead to loss of engine power and loss of efficiency of the fuel. The cabin air is located under the vehicle hood, under the dashboard or behind the glove compartment.

The cabin air filter cleans the air moving through air conditioning, ventilation system or heat conditioning to free it from dust and pollen grains in the air. It also traps and eliminates mold or smog from the air safeguarding the engine.   Whenever you notice decrease in acceleration, odd engine noises, slow start up of the engine, dark smoke or decreased fuel efficiency, plan to replace your engine air filter. On the other hand, if you notice decrease in flow of air, noise from your air vents and bad odor; the cabin air filter needs replacements as soon as possible.

Air filters for your 2020 Honda Civic will be due for replacement if it has travelled at least 10,000 miles for the cabin air filter and 15000 miles for the engine filter. To choose the best replacement for your 2020 Honda Civic car, check with the manufacturer’s manual so as to apply the updated maintenance recommendations. However, it is advisable to frequently check your air filters especially during oil change appointments with your garage. Always have a sample of the air filter you intent to replace with you at the garage to minimize misfits which may result to inefficiency.

Examples of air filters for 2020 Honda Civic are:

2020 UAC Honda Civic L4-1.5L Cabin Air Filter

2020 Honda Civic Charcoal Carbon Cabin Air Filter for 2016-2023

The cost of air filter replacement is relatively low hence if your area of operations is known to experience high level of pollen or dust pollution, doing it often. Raj motors recommends once per year. We are available for consultation. Just click our contact page to get first-hand information from our consultant.