2020 Lexus ES350 Oil Type and Capacity

2020 Lexus ES 350

Oil is a very important component in engine maintenance. It is responsible for preventing debris and sludge build up in the engine as well as lubricating the parts of the engine. This helps in preventing damages on the engine from corrosion and engine knock. Could you be struggling to get the perfect oil type for your 2020 Lexus ES350? Raj Motors has the best advice on the oil to use so as to keep your car highway-approved. The recommended oil for your 2020 Lexus ES350 will ensure that the engine is in perfect condition the type of the weather notwithstanding.

Lexus recommends the use of 5W-30 or OW-20 which is a multi-grade synthetic blend suitable for maintaining its V6 engine whose size is 3.5 L. This type of oil has an awesome cleaning power. These details will always be available in the manufacturer’s manual specifically for your car.  These two oils have a range of viscosity which suits extremely cold conditions during winter and very hot conditions in summer. The thicker viscosity ensures that the oil does not thin extremely due to the high temperatures in summer while the thinner viscosity is to ensure that the oil will flow freely during winter without freezing. Raj Motors has adopted the manufacture’s recommendations so as to ensure the engine is well taken care of. Each time you change the oil, you will require up to 7 quarts.

DIY cost

When getting the suitable oil for your 2020 Lexus ES350, do not forget to grab the oil filter (part #04152-YZZA1) which plays the actual function of preventing debris. Raj Motors recommends AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter or WIX Oil Filter. You can take it upon yourself to change the oil for your 2020 Lexus ES350 which is quite a cheaper option. You will require the following parts too in the process when changing the oil for yourself:

14mm wrench


65mm oil filter wrench

Drain pan

3/8 in socket drive wrench

Jack and jack stands, blocks or ramp

Gloves and gear to protect the eyes

Rags or Towels

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