Month: August 2022

How Often Should an Air Filter Be Changed in a Car?

A car has many parts and areas which demand constant attention and replacement. One of the aspects is in cleaning the air getting in the car so that the engine oil is clean and does not need replacement more often than it is recommended. Clean air means a clean engine and a smooth working that […]

2020 Honda Civic Air Filter Replacement Size

Any 2020 Honda Civic has two main air filters: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. An engine air filter is very useful in ensuring the air getting into the engine during air conditioning is clean. If the air filter is not replaced during the given natural intervals, a build-up will occur which […]

2020 Toyota Corolla Oil Type

Engine oil is an important component in an engine which keeps the engine fit and avoids dysfunctions like overheating, having dark smoke coming from your engine or the worst of all having a knocked engine. It will also acts as a lubricant to you engine parts so that the metal parts do not rub over […]

2020 Honda Fit Oil Type

One of the best choices a Honda driver and all drivers in this matter will ever do is to have clean oil in their engine. This keeps the engine and the vehicle as well in perfect shape to hit the road anytime. The oil for 2020 Honda Fit should be changed every three months or […]