Month: October 2022

Should I Get Car Gap Insurance?

Driving a car on the road without insurance is a crime in every part of the world; everyone deserves compensation when involved in a road accident no matter how minor it may be. Insurance compensates both physical car damage and bodily injury which results from traffic collisions. However, gap insurance is a the of insurance […]

Why Your Vehicle is Leaking a Green Color Fluid

For any vehicle to operate perfectly well, it must have an optimally functioning engine which is facilitated by several things. One of the most important things in this functioning is a coolant which ensures that the engine does not overheat by enabling it to operate at a safe temperature. In the engine, we have a […]

Why There Is Water Leaking From Your Car

Imagine pulling up your car from parking and noticing a pool of water. Water leaking from the engine can be a scary thing, especially for new drivers and send them into a panic mob for no reason. The good news is; water leaking from the engine is never a serious issue to worry about since […]