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2020 Honda Accord Oil Type and Capacity

Every vehicle owner understands the importance of having clean oil in their engine. Clean oil means a functional engine which has a longer life time. Use of the correct oil type ensures optimal engine performance of your 2020 Honda Accord car and efficiency. In choosing the perfect type of oil for your car, consider its […]

2020 Honda Accord Air Filter Replacement Size

A 2020 Honda Accord engine has two types of filters: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. Air filters are useful in that they help filter out contaminants in air entering the engine which may eventually get into the engine parts and corrode them. They may also find their way to the engine […]

2020 Honda Civic Air Filter Replacement Size

Any 2020 Honda Civic has two main air filters: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. An engine air filter is very useful in ensuring the air getting into the engine during air conditioning is clean. If the air filter is not replaced during the given natural intervals, a build-up will occur which […]

2020 Honda Fit Oil Type

One of the best choices a Honda driver and all drivers in this matter will ever do is to have clean oil in their engine. This keeps the engine and the vehicle as well in perfect shape to hit the road anytime. The oil for 2020 Honda Fit should be changed every three months or […]

Did Honda discontinue the Clarity?

According to a report by Autocar, Honda discontinued the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid after just two model years on sale. The company also said it is ending Clarity Fuel Cell production in December, which could indicate an all-new version is in the works. The move was made because of poor sales performance. Honda discontinued the Clarity […]