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Why Your Vehicle is Leaking a Green Color Fluid

For any vehicle to operate perfectly well, it must have an optimally functioning engine which is facilitated by several things. One of the most important things in this functioning is a coolant which ensures that the engine does not overheat by enabling it to operate at a safe temperature. In the engine, we have a […]

Why There Is Water Leaking From Your Car

Imagine pulling up your car from parking and noticing a pool of water. Water leaking from the engine can be a scary thing, especially for new drivers and send them into a panic mob for no reason. The good news is; water leaking from the engine is never a serious issue to worry about since […]

2020 Honda Accord Oil Type and Capacity

Every vehicle owner understands the importance of having clean oil in their engine. Clean oil means a functional engine which has a longer life time. Use of the correct oil type ensures optimal engine performance of your 2020 Honda Accord car and efficiency. In choosing the perfect type of oil for your car, consider its […]

2020 Toyota Camry Oil Filter Size

Could you be worried by the fact that your best car so far has engine issues? Maybe you just need to change your oil and replace the oil filter with a new one. This said, you need the right information on the type and size of oil filter for your Toyota Camry 2020 model.  An […]

2020 Honda Accord Air Filter Replacement Size

A 2020 Honda Accord engine has two types of filters: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. Air filters are useful in that they help filter out contaminants in air entering the engine which may eventually get into the engine parts and corrode them. They may also find their way to the engine […]