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2020 Toyota Corolla Oil Type

Engine oil is an important component in an engine which keeps the engine fit and avoids dysfunctions like overheating, having dark smoke coming from your engine or the worst of all having a knocked engine. It will also acts as a lubricant to you engine parts so that the metal parts do not rub over […]

2020 Toyota Corolla Air Filter Size

It is always relieving to know that you have gotten the best filter for your Toyota Corolla 2020 model. An air filter is located behind the glove compartment, under the dash board or the vehicle’s hood. An air filter prevents dust, dirt and sludge from getting into the oil which may lead to your engine […]

How Often Should Tires be Rotated and Balanced

Tires are one of the most expensive affairs in maintaining a vehicle. This is because even the laws of the land will not allow you to keep tread less tires for long since they pose a danger to other motorists due to the possibility of skidding or slipping off the road especially if the roads […]

Overdue Oil Change Symptoms

It is agreeable beyond doubt that when a car or truck is due for an oil change one should not wait any longer. Clean oil to a vehicle is what blood is to an animal. If the wait is longer than anticipated by the systems, it starts misbehaving and the owner will notice that something […]

7 Reasons of Antifreeze Leaks and their Symptoms

Acquiring a car is one thing and maintaining it is another. A person who owns a car already know what that means and will do their best to safeguard it and prevent it from getting into a mechanical position which may cost them an arm and a leg. Therefore, information on some issues which may […]