How to Reset Check Engine Light without Scanner

Check Engine Light

One of the most annoying things is having a check engine on the dashboard. It disturbs your mind and seems not to go away when driving. Do not worry; you can set the check engine light by yourself without using a scanner. A car has been set up using many electronic systems and among them is the onboard diagnostic system of the car (ODB System). Anytime your car is not functioning as it is supposed to, a signal is sent either by making certain sounds or any other physical sign such as the light on the dashboard.  However, some faults in your car will not be detected physically by a sound or something; a check engine light will appear on the dashboard to tell you something is wrong. Let us find out how you can rest this check engine light in this article.

The check engine light indicated that there is a problem with the powertrain. This can signal a major issue or a minor one. Whatever the issue is, this check engine light can never be ignored.  The check engine light may go off if the glitch in the engine unit is corrected by the computer system automatically. An OBD2 scanner is often used to reset the check engine light but if you lack one, you can still do it. Here is how:

Battery Disconnection Technique

This is considered one of the best ways of removing check engine lights without a scanning tool. The battery terminal is disconnected for 30-60 seconds which automatically resets the engine control unit. This applies to most of the car models but not all. The process is started by removing the negative battery terminal and then draining any electrical energy available in the capacitor of the car. The draining is done by pressing the horn continuously for about 30 seconds maximum or just turning the lights on for an equal time. Once the disconnection of the electricity is certain, the car is left for 10-15 minutes.

Reconnect your car battery afterwards ensuring that the terminals are tightened well to avoid sparking then switch the car on. It is expected that the check engine light will go off after this. However, if it does not, your car has a serious problem which should be sorted out as soon as possible.  It could be your car stores the code for performing such tasks. The scanner may be needed at this point to solve the problem.

Turning the ignition on and off

One can reset the check engine light by igniting the engine on and off severally having the battery terminals intact. It is however considered one of the hardest methods which work too. Place the ignition key in the ignition and turn it on and off at a one-second interval. If the check engine light goes off, it is all sorted, if not a scanner is now needed to help you read the codes.

Leave the check engine light go off with time by itself

The check engine light may sometimes just go by itself. Keep on driving, minding your own business for around 2-3 days as you wait for the check engine light to go off.  This is based on the fact that a computer car works in a continuous cycle and may just refresh after three days and solve the problem automatically.

Pull the fuse off and put it back

Pulling the fuse that controls the engine unit and then putting it back is one of the ways to sort the check engine light issue. This method has worked in older model cars but not in the new ones. Are you finding difficulties in locating the fuse? Check your manual for repairs to locate the fuse to your engine control unit. 

What to do if the check engine goes on again?

You could come back to your car and find the check engine light has gone on again. Do not worry, this is a major signal telling you that the engine has a complication which needs to be sorted soonest possible. You may reset it a second time, if the check engine light reappears, take your car to a garage or a service centre. At his point, a professional mechanic will check it in for repair using special tools to diagnose and repair it.  It is always advisable to learn to solve small engine issues at home before engaging a professional. This could save your coins since the problem could be a minor one.  Hopefully, this article shed some light on how to reset the check engine light without the computer scanner method.