Must Have Tire Tools For Your Car

Tire Tools

A car owner will always have a tool box in their car or somewhere inside the house; do we have to have a tool box in the trunk of the car too? The answer is a sounding Yes! A tool box comes in handy to save the day for a driver who has a flat tire. You should at least have tools to help you fix the tire issue without raising any cause for alarm. Long distance travels will require you to keep these tools and a spare tire because you may never know what can happen on the way. This calms your nerves and adds to it some confidence on the road trip. The tire tools can be stored in the car trunk or with the tire in the spare tire area.

Never leave the house for a journey without the following tire tools:

Portable Tire Inflator

A portable tire inflator comes in handy when an air compressor is not available as a portable way to inflate a tire. In case of an emergency of a flat tire on the road, this will come to your rescue and save you in the nick of time effortlessly.  


Most jacks that come with cars from the manufacturer are usually hard to use or require a lot of energy to operate. You may need to get yourself a better quality jack which is easier to operate to safe yourself the hustle in times of emergency tire change. An hydraulic car jack is recommended  so that it bears most of the weight of the car. The car manufacturer’s manual will guid you on which jack is preferred depending on how heavy the car is.


A pair of pliers comes in handy whenever you need to remove foreign objects stuck on your tire like a nail or a screw. It will also help you pick up small nuts or any small object without straining

Rubber cement

Are your tire plugs lacking a grasp and failing to seal in the tire properly? Rubber cement in a small amount does the trick. Place some rubber cement on the plug of the tire then use the pliers so that the plug is put in place perfectly.

Tire plugs

A tire plug helps you and saves you from the hustle of putting on a spare tire on the car in a busy road. A tire plug is a sticky plug which you place on the hole on the tire such that once inflated, the plug expands to stop the leak. However, do not drive long distances in a tire plug; instead visit the nearest tire repair shop and replace your tires.

Rug and hand sanitizer

A session of changing a tire can be very messy especially if you have not carried a spare set of clothes. Be sure to carry with a rug and hand sanitizer to clean you up before resuming to the activity of the day. No one should notice you just had a tire ordeal, step out like nothing just happened.


Replacing your car can be messy and can also take a toll on your hands. It is at this point wthe gloves come to your rescue. They ensure that you are no hurt anyhow and you do not get messed up by grease. Gloves will also shield you from cold and wetness if in any case it rains.

Wheel chocks

Wheel chocks come in wedge shaped blocks which helps prevent accidental movement of the care when jacking up. They are placed against the wheels to stop the motion if any.

Wheel cover remover

 This is also referred to as a rubber mallet used for helping you handle the wheel swithout hurting your hands.

Torque limiting sticks

These sticks help in prevention of over-tightening your lug nuts especially if impact wrench is in use.

Cordless impact wrench

It is used when a lug wrench is not available. It is faster in operation than a lug wrench in removing and installing lug nuts on the tire.


This makes one of the most essential tire tools one must have in their tool kit. One requires a set of screwdrivers with different heads which can be interchanged which saves a lot of space.

When one is armed with the suitable tire tools, changing a tire become the easiest exercise in cases of car emergencies. Flat tires come without a warning which can throw someone in a panic attack but with the correct tools, your nerves remain calm. Calm mind gets solutions to problems faster  with a lot of ease.