Overdue Oil Change Symptoms

Change Motor Oil When

It is agreeable beyond doubt that when a car or truck is due for an oil change one should not wait any longer. Clean oil to a vehicle is what blood is to an animal. If the wait is longer than anticipated by the systems, it starts misbehaving and the owner will notice that something is definitely amiss. Clean oil improves the performance of the car and lengthens the life of an engine because the engine remains clean and healthy Most modern cars will send the signal when the oil change is almost due because it is programmed that way. It notifies the user on the dashboard that the car is due for service. If you own an older car, you may be forced to do the countdown for when your vehicle is due for service; usually a period of 3-6 months depending on the type of your locomotive and the frequency at which it is serviced. Oil change is a quick procedure which is usually fast and not so engaging.

Change Motor Oil When
Oil Change

The following are some of the symptoms that will signal you that your car is due for an oil change:

Dark smoke from the Exhaust

Dark smoke from your engine means that the engine is burning too much fuel. In simple terms, the fuel could be contaminated or has mixed with engine oil in the engine; basically oil gets into the combustion cycle in the engine which causes inefficiency in burning the fuel. The oil causes issues if it is low or has been made weak by contamination. Gray or blue smoke from the exhaust could mean there is some leaking. These calls out for oil change immediately so that it does not affect the functioning of the other parts of the engine and fix the oil leak too.

Service warning lights on the dashboard

In most modern vehicles, when the engine oil is contaminated or running low, a warning light will be seen in the dashboard.  It literally shows a sign that may suggest that the engine is overheating, on low engine pressure or just a check engine light. At this point, check your dipstick for the oil levels and respond depending on the state

Dirty and Dark engine oil

In the event you check your dipstick and find the oil is dark and dirty, do not hesitate to change the oil. Clean oil is usually amber in color and translucent; the dark color could be from the particles it collected from the engine. It you notice that you cannot see through the dipstick once dipped twice into the oil, it is time for an oil change!

Smell of oil in the car

Do you feel almost suffocated by the smell of oil in your car? This could be a sign of oil leakage. If the smell is of a gas or the exhaust fumes this could mean the engine is overheating. The leaked oil falls on hot engine parts hence the smell of burning oil. Take not of the leaking oil and act immediately; it is time for an oil change and other engine maintenance procedures.

Excessive mileage

The number of miles travelled by different types of cars depicts that a vehicle id due for maintenance. You may not always need to wait for specific number of months to take your car for servicing. This is because some weeks and months one may travel more than others.  Older cars will require servicing more frequently than new ones. Consult with your vehicle manufacturer’s handbook to be clear on when your vehicle is due for service.

Knocking and noise from the Engine

Knocking and noise from the engine parts means that the parts are not well lubricated. Oil provides the lubrication as well as provides a protective layer between the parts. If the engine oil is running low, dirty and contaminated, it will not function well hence the noise and knocking from the engine parts. This definitely calls for an oil change

A stalled engine

Could your vehicle engine be feeling like its being seized from time to time especially in cold weather? It could be an issue to do with low engine oil level, dirty oil, an oil leak, clogged fuel filter or faulty spark plugs. In such scenarios, one will need to have his engine checked and the first recommendation will be to do an oil change!

Low levels of engine oil

It is easy for most drivers to check for engine levels in their cars without much strain. The dipstick is quite much accessible. The driver will dip pull it out, wipe it and dip it again to check for oil levels. If it is too low, that calls for an oil change or simply a top up of the oil. The driver will also need to check for an oil leak to rule it out from the cause of the engine oil low levels.


The engine heats up if there is no enough oil to lubricate the engine parts for them to work efficiently. Replacing the used dirty oil can easily solve the problem by enhancing lubrication of the engine parts

Difficulty in starting the Engine

If your car has problems starting, it could mean that the parts around ignition points may need some attention. One of the issues could be difficult in moving the parts which enhance ignition. They could be just in need of some fresh oil for then to rotate and move efficiently. Go ahead and do oil change then if the problem persists, check your vehicle for other issues.

It is clear, oil performs a pivotal role in the engine and means a lot to the engine of any vehicle. It lubricates the overlapping parts of the engine and shields it against the metal-metal brushing which could lead to the parts wearing out. If your car shows any of these signs, go ahead and do oil change immediately and if the problem persists, request your mechanic to scrutinize the vehicle and give further recommendations.