Are Honda Pilots reliable?

Introduction Honda pilots are one of the market’s most popular mid-size SUV vehicles. And for a good reason! Honda has a reputation as an incredibly reliable brand. They use quality parts and craftsmanship in their vehicles and go through rigorous testing before hitting showrooms. However, all that quality doesn’t come cheap. You don’t want to […]

Are Honda Civics reliable?

Introduction A Honda Civic is a great car and is probably the most reliable, dependable vehicle on the market. It also has the best resale value of any car on the market — so when you’re ready to sell, it’ll retain its value better than other cars. The Honda Civic is reliable and an excellent […]

1994- 1999 Toyota Tercel Spark Plug Size

The 5th Gen Toyota Tercel a beautiful and simple Japanese car that was in production from 1994- 1999. If you are lucky to have this car today below are the Toyota Tercel Spark Plug Size replacement options. OE Style; .044″/1.1mmGap for the plugs is .043 Works with 1994 Toyota Tercel Spark Plug Sizes all the […]

2000 Honda Civic Oil Type and Quantity

All 2000 Honda Civic trims appear to use the same type of oil: 5W30 5W-30 oil will have the viscosity of a 5-weight oil when temperatures are cold, but work as well as a 30-weight oil when the engine heats up All 2000 Honda Civics have an oil capacity of 3.3 litres. Raj Motors recommends […]