What To Carry In Your Car Roadside Emergency Kit

Car Emergency Kit

Every driver or car owner acknowledges that at some point in their lives they needed an emergency kit. No matter how perfect your car is, you can get an emergency flat tire in the middle of nowhere. At this point, you will need urgent help with the tire or any other need that may arise at the moment. It is therefore paramount to have an emergency roadside emergency kit in the trunk. The kit is equipped with several items whose condition should be checked every six months. This is because some have expiry dates and need to be replaced periodically.

Part of the emergency roadside kit is a fully inflated spare tire, tripod jack and a wheel wrench. This will help in cases of a punctured tire away from a gas station where a flat tire could be repaired or replaced. In addition, an emergency roadside kit should have jumper cables. These will come through in case your battery has gone low on power and you need someone to jumpstart it for you.  To add to these, an emergency roadside kit should have a flashlight with extra batteries on the side. A flashlight will help with the lighting in case you get yourself a mechanic to repair your car in the dark. It can also be used as an alert signal when ones help in the dark and cannot seem to find someone to help.

You could have gotten a mechanic near you to check on your vehicle but the mechanic lacks some tools of work such as specific spanners; you will require a toolbox to save the day. A toolbox is best when it is equipped to serve a multipurpose role. A complete roadside kit should contain a magnetic compass too. This comes in handy whenever you need some direction when lost. Google maps could be slowly replacing the compass but it comes in when the phone has died or there is no network coverage in that area.  You will also require reflective triangles and clothes with bright colours to help make your car visible. Coloured clothes come in well during the day when we still have some natural light.

A first aid kit box is a must-have in your emergency roadside kit. The law in every country emphasizes having a first aid kit such that lack of it is punishable by law. A first aid kit contains an instant cold compress, scissors, non-latex gloves, thermometer, tweezers, a blanket, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, tape, bandages, gauze and hydrocortisone. A first aid kit helps one to respond to an emergency by taking care of an injury in case of an accident before the medics show up. One will also need a reflective vest in a case where one needs to walk some distance to look for help. Drinking water is a very important addition to the roadside emergency kit.

Your roadside emergency kit should never lack a car charger to charge your phone in case you are stuck in the wild. You may need some urgent help from someone you need to call to come to your rescue.  Sometimes one can get stuck in wild for days and will need to maintain their energy high while working things out. Carry with you non-perishable foods full of energy such as hard candy, dried fruits and unsalted nuts. Your roadside emergency kit should never lack dark tape. This helps with fixing live wires which could cause an electric shock by separating them. Do not forget to carry with a portable fire extinguisher to help put off the fire in case we have a fire breaking out from your engine.

With the unpredictable weather patterns in the world due to global, it could start raining anytime any day. Be sure to carry a raincoat/poncho to shelter you in case you need to move out of your car when raining. It could be to get some groceries or just to fix a faulty place in the car. To shield yourself from extremely cold weather; carry with you a snow brush, windshield washer fluid, shovel, blankets, warm clothing and cat litter for traction. When your roadside emergency kit is well equipped, you lower the chances of panic attacks in case you have a mishap.

Last and not least, keep your emergency phone number list with the numbers of family and the police toll-free numbers. This will help people inform your folks and the government in case you need emergency help if an accident occurs and you are unable to express yourself. Include the number of your medical and car insurance provider in this list and that of a towing company. We all look forward to great safe journeys but we also need to get ready for mishaps.