Why Your Vehicle is Leaking a Green Color Fluid

For any vehicle to operate perfectly well, it must have an optimally functioning engine which is facilitated by several things. One of the most important things in this functioning is a coolant which ensures that the engine does not overheat by enabling it to operate at a safe temperature. In the engine, we have a green fluid which is a coolant also commonly known as antifreeze.

Green Fluid under car

This keeps the engine from overheating or the water freezing which is well known for protecting the engine of older models. The recent car models use the orange antifreeze. A coolant is mixed with water in equal proportions since water cannot effectively cool the engine.

What is a Green Fluid in an Engine?

Green Fluid is a coolant also known as antifreeze mixed in equal proportions with water to avoid overheating/ freezing of the engine. The green fluid commonly known as antifreeze is made from silica, glycol and ethylene. A coolant is added to the water since water cannot effectively cool the engine. This is because water may overheat to evaporation in hot water or freeze in very cold weather hence the coolant helps maintain it at a liquid level at all temperatures for effective cooling. A green fluid leak is usually from the radiator, water pump, or horses in cases where they are worn out of they are just connected wrongly.

Why is the Green Coolant Important in an Engine?

A coolant helps in cooling your car engine so that it does not overheat or rather maintains the desired temperature at all seasons. The coolant is mixed in equal portions with water and ensures that the water in the cooling transmission system does not freeze when the temperatures get too low. The coolant needs to be added because water alone will not do the cooling effect and this poses danger to the engine parts. Some parts may wear out because of the overheating raising the repair cost since it may at times require an overhaul of the entire engine. A coolant can also help in the lubrication of the moving parts of the transmission system for cooling.

What Causes the Green Leak from the engine of a car?

Green leak simply means your car coolant is leaking from its storage in the engine or from the transmission system in the cooling process. These could be the reasons:

  • Worn out or torn horses- the first thing the driver or mechanic will check is whether the horses from the radiator to the coolant transmission system are broken or has an opening which is causing the leak of the coolant. To diagnose this problem, you will need to look out for discolouration which will mostly be green in colour or cracks on the pipes. The mechanic will also try to twist the pipe while looking out for weak areas or cracks. Do you notice any cracks or does the pipe seem brittle? This could be the causing the leak. Installing a new horse, therefore, solving the leaking of the green fluid.
  • Corrosion of the Radiator- you may notice that the pipes to the radiator are perfect and you may need to do a further examination and find out what else could be the problem. There could be corrosion issues with the radiator or any other part of the green fluid system. At this point, a mechanic comes in handy to help you fix the corroded parts since flushing the radiator out could not solve the problem. As the green fluid is leaking, it causes a lot of damage to the cooling system and the core plug could be affected too. After fixing the issue and you are sure the green fluid is no longer leaking, be sure to keep on checking the coolant transmission system weekly to ensure the problem is well fixed.
  • Using the Wrong Antifreeze- when you put the wrong green fluid in your car cooling system,  can occur. This is because; the components of the green fluid could be unfriendly to your engine parts and cause them to wear out. Car manufacturers always recommend the right green fluid to be used for the specific car model and so the buyer should go through it and acquire the correct green fluid to avoid the. Repairing the cooling system and any other part damaged in the process will have very high-cost implications.
  • Blown Head Gasket- when the gasket is in order, the car engine functions well but when it blows up it may not be easily noticed in time. This means it may not be in a position to tolerate extreme temperatures and pressure as the fluids are moving around in the radiator. A green leak will develop if the gasket is blown which will eventually lead to engine shut down.

Why a Green Leak Kills Your Engine

A green Leak is considered one of the worst things to happen in a car engine since it causes an engine shut down. This is a result of draining of the green fluid from the engine cooling system and this could mean a dysfunctional cooling system hence overheating. It is advisable to tow your vehicle to a garage once you notice a green leak from your car so that you can prevent any further damage that could occur as a result of the green leak.

How to Fix a Green Fluid Leak

Once the mechanic has noticed the cause of the green leak, action is taken immediately. If the cause was a result of the cracking or weakening of the horses, then a replacement is recommended immediately. If corrosion of the coolant transmission system is the cause, then a repair is done on the parts or even a replacement if the situation is severe.

In some cases, the radiator could be having a lot of holes which could be beyond repair; installation of a new radiator is highly recommended though it may be expensive, it is the safest thing to do for your engine.


A green fluid leak is one of the most dangerous things that could happen to your engine. This would mean the cooling system of the engine is compromised resulting in stalling of the car. In such cases, stop driving your car, tow it to a garage then repair what is necessary.